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What is Professional Influence?

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PISEALREDThe Institute for the Studies of Professional Influence is dedicated to continued learning in the field of influence and persuasion.  It is the unwavering conviction of this institute, that all progress is made through superior communication.  The worlds greatest accomplishments are born from those who are the incredibly persuasive.  In like manner, the worlds greatest challenges derive from a significant lack of persuasive communication.  The ISPI celebrates persuasive excellence in all its forms.  Closing a deal, influencing children to stay off drugs, persuading the boss to give you that promotion or simply creating peace where there might have been conflict.  

This Institute is sometimes described as a hybrid of NLP, Hypnosis, University case studies, and superior selling strategies.  These theories become working models only after being tested in the most extreme of circumstances. The concept has been to take these studies and blend it with “Real world” selling techniques to produce a methodology that would revolutionize the way that professionals communicate with their clients. 

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